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March 2019

RIDOT announces seasonal positions for engineering students. Areas of interest include Infrastructure/ Bridges, Project Management/ Construction, Safety/ Traffic, Project Management/ Materials.

October 2018

At the 31st Annual RI Transportation Forum, held at URI, South Korean Consul-General Yonghyon Kim presented a keynote address on how transportation projects will play an important role in establishing lasting peace between the two Koreas.

August 2018

K. Wayne Lee , professor of civil engineering at URI, attended a press conference at the University of Maine to celebrate the formation of the Transportation Infrastructure Durability Center (TIDC) consortium, of which URI is a member.

October 2017 

The 30th Rhode Island Transportation Forum titled “Sustainable Infrastructure and System for Eternal Peace and Prosperity” was held at University of Rhode Island’s Memorial Union Ballroom on 10/27/17. The keynote address titled “Geomaterials and Recycled Materials for Sustainable Infrastructures” was delivered by Professor Robert Parsons of University of Kansas. Other keynote remarks were given by Peter Alviti Jr, from RIDOT, pertaining to Rhode Island roadworks and sustainable infrastructure programs.

October 2016 

The 29th Rhode Island Transportation Forum titled “Globally Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure and System” was held on Friday, 10/28/16. Keynote Speakers include Dr. Randy West, President of Association of Ashpalt Paving Technologists (AAPT), and Mr. Rich O’Meara, President of Core Composites (Bristol, RI)

October 2015 

The 28th Rhode Island Transportation Forum titled “Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure and System to Stimulate Economy Recovery” was held on Friday, 10/30/15. Keynote speakers include Professor Geoffrey M. Rowe, Adjunct Professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and President of Abatech, Inc, and Dr. Jun Seok, Professor of Civil and Construction Engineering at Western Michigan University

January 2014

The RITC Reunion and Reception at TRB was held on 1/13/14.

Prof. Hunter and Prof. Thomas made their presentation at the 2014 TRB Conference.

Prof. Lee had his sabbatical at Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Seoul National University (SNU) as a visiting distinguished professor from 7/12/13 to 1/10/14, and returned to URI on 1/15/14 after attending KSEA Council meeting and TRB conference.

 October 2013

The 26th RI Transportation Forum was held on Friday, 10/25/13.  Invited speakers were Mr. Kelly J. Fredericks of RIAC, Dr. RaRamon Bonaquist of AAPT and Prof. John Harvey of UC-Davis.

 August 2013

Profs. Lee, Yang and Zhang made presentations at UKC2013 in E. Rutherford, NJ from 8/7/13 to 8/10/13.

October 2012

The 25th RI Transportation Forum titled “Innovative and Green Transportation Infrastructure & Systems ” was held on Friday, 10/26/12. Invited speakers include Mr. Daniel J. Berman, Division Administator of FHWA, Mr. Henry Sherlock, Excecutive Director of Construction Industries of Rhode Island (CIRI), and Mr. Victor M. Mendez, Administrator of FHWA, USDOT

 October 2011

The 24th RI Transportation Forum was held on Friday, 10/28/11.  Honorable US Senator Reed sent his congratulatory remarks through a DVD.  Honorable US Congressman Langevin sent a congratulatory message.  Honorable Lt. Governor Roberts and Honorable RI Senator Sosnowski attended and provided congratulatory remarks.  Keynote speakers include Prof. Imad L Al-Qadi of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Prof. Mike Sullivan of URI (former RIDEM Director) and Mr. Charles Odimgbe, CEO of RIPTA.

September 2011

·     Dr. No Cho made a presentation about High Speed Rail at the CVE Graduate Seminar on 9/28.

·    A NSF PIRE pre-proposal entitled “Sustainable Roadway System and Energy Harvesting” was submitted. Following three groups participated:

(1)   Solar energy harvesting by Yang, Lee, Xiao and Elsen.

(2)   Perpetual composite pavement by Sadd, Shukla, Greenfield, Bradshaw and Lee.

(3)   Sustainable Transportation through Congestion Mitigation by Hunter and Thomas.

August 2011

·         Prof. Lee visited Prof. Dennes T. Bergado at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Bangkok for further cooperation on 8/2/11.

·         Prof. Lee met with Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) President Suh, Korean National Research Foundation (NRF) President Oh and Former Deputy Prime Minister of Science and Technology Kim on 8/8/11 to discuss about further cooperation.

·         Prof. Lee gave a seminar at LG Electronics Advanced Research Center on 8/9, and gave another one at Korean Institute of Construction Technology (KICT) on 8/10.

July 2011

·         CVE 334 Construction Management took a field trip to URI Pharmacy building at 5pm, Thursday, 7/21.

·         Prof. Lee made a presentation about “Construction and Evaluation of Fiber Composite Caps for Protection of Pier Caps” at the 19th Annual Int. Conference on Composites, Nano or Metals Engineering (ICCE) in Shanghai, China on 7/28/11.

·         Prof. Lee met with Vice Chief of Jiangsu Transportation Research Institute Yu in Nanjing, China for further cooperation on 7/30/11.

June 2011

·         There was a Special Seminar by Prof. Ha, IEEE Fellow of Virginia Tech at 3pm, Wednesday, 6/8/11.  The title was “Low-Power Design of a Self-Powered Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting System with Maximum Power Point Tracking.”

·         There was a FHWA Webinar about RAP management from 8 to 9:30am on Wednesday, 6/15.

·         There was a NCAT Webinar about RAP from 9 to 10:30am on Wed, 6/15.

·         There was a USDOT Webinar about TIFIA Federal Credit Program from 1 to 3pm on Wednesday, 6/15.

·         There was a NHI Webinar about Transportation and Natural Resources with GIS from 2:30 to 4:00pm on Thursday, 6/16.

May 2011

·         CVE 348 students visited PJ Keating Company on 5/2.

·         There was a College of Engineering picnic on 5/2.

·         Prof. Thomas and Prof. Lee are working with faculty from University of New Hampshire (UNH) and University of Southern Maine to participate in the proposed Research Collaboratory Network. The URI research team will work on energy and infrastructure broadly within the context of life cycles as well as with hazards and risk management.

April 2011

·         Prof. Lee attended a meeting with Mayor Oh of the City of Seoul (Cambridge, MA) on Monday (4/18) and attended the Northeast Asphalt User Group steering committee meeting in Hartford, CT with Ajay Singh on Tuesday (4/19).

·         CVE 348 students visited D’Ambra Construction Co. Inc. on 4/27 and J. H.Lynch & Sons Inc. on 4/29.

March 2011

·         Dr. Nam Geon Cho of Korea Research Institute of Human Settlements (KRIHS) joined RITRC as a visiting research fellow from 3/1/11 to 3/1/12. He will work on the integration of land use and transportation planning.  There was a welcoming lunch at the U-Club on Thursday, 3/3/11.

·         There was a presentation session for the accepted FY12 problem statements of the RIDOT-URITC joint program on Friday morning (3/4). Ajay Singh and Andrew Correia presented their problem statements.

January 2011

The following transportation courses will be offered:

CVE 347 – Highway engineering

CVE 348 – Highway Engineering Lab

CVE 443 – Intelligent Transportation Systems

CVE 547 – Geometric Design of Highways

CVE 548 – Bituminous Transportation Materials

Professor Lee and Steve Kohm attended the 90th TRB conference in Washington, D.C.

December 2010

RITRC holiday party was party was held at the U-Club on 12/15/10.

November 2010

Channel 12 featured a research project related to harvesting solar energy from asphalt pavement on November 22, 2010.

October 2010

The 23rd transportation Forum being planned for Friday, October 29, 2010.  One of the keynote speakers will be Prof. Kenneth H. Stokoe II, from the University of Texas at Austin.

September 2010

A RITRC Associate Director, Prof. Christopher Hunter spent his sabbatical leave at University of Washington for the in 2009/2010 school year successfully, and returned to URI.

August 2010

Prof. Lee attended the International Society of Asphalt Pavement (ISAP) Conference in Nagoya, Japan from 8/1 to 8/6/10, and presented findings of a research project related to effects of asphalt binder on the HMA performance funded by RIDOT.

Prof. Lee attended US-Korea Conference (UKC) in Seattle from 8/12 to 8/15/10, and presented findings of solar energy harvesting project funded by the Korea Institute of Construction Technology (KICT).

July 2010

Prof. Lee visited Korea Expressway Corporation (KEC) on 7/30/10, and made an presentation about Solar Energy Harvesting from Asphalt Pavement. Further cooperation between RITRC and KEC has been discussed.

June 2010

Ajay Sing presented the first phase of a research project, entitled “Construction and Evaluation of Fiber Composite Caps for the Protection of Pier and Pier Caps” on June 15 and 22.  Study was initially completed by Craig Boyer as his thesis.

May 2010

Wil Hernandez will make a presentation on the Sakonnet River Bridge progress on 5/7/2010

April 2010

CVE 348 students made field trips to Cardi Corp. and D’Ambra Construction Co. on 4/27 and 4/29, respectively.

Andy Correia presented a poster entitled “Solar Energy Harvesting”at ITE-CT symposium on April 7, 2010.

URI Pavement Management System testing is underway with help of CVE 348 students

Data Acquisition System for Resilient Modulus Testing is currently being upgraded

March 2010

Our two former graduate students, Satish Kumar Gundapuneni and Han Pemmaraju Venkata married on 3/31/10.

RITRC has received the Asphalt Binder Cracking Device from FHWA for the round robin testing (3/29/10).

January 2010

A RITRC Associate Director, Prof. Natacha Thomas spent her sabbatical leave at University of Illinois at Chicago and University of Maryland in 2009 Fall semester successfully, and returned to URI.

RITRC Director, Prof. K. Wayne Lee attended the 89th Transportation Research Board Annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

December 2009

Congratulations to former student Nick Mandeler and his wife Christa who married on December 5, 2009.  He is currently working at the Connecticut DOT.

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