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Note: Students with academic questions NOT related to advising should call 1.401.874.5985 for assistance.

Dean's Office


Senior Word Processing Typist

Dean's Office

+1.401.874.5985 –

Raymond M. Wright

Dean of Engineering

Dean's Office

+1.401.874.2186 –

Jared Abdirkin

Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Dean's Office

+1.401.874.5985 –

Paul L. Bishop

Associate Dean for Research

Dean's Office

+1.401.874.4426 –

Annie Jones

Executive Assistant to the Dean

Dean's Office

+1.401.874.2186 –

Robert Clough

Director for Development

Dean's Office

+1.401.874.2162 –


Coordinator, Academic Affairs

Dean's Office

401.874.2091 –


Coordinator of Minority Student Recruitment & Retention, LSAMP

Deans Office

401.874.5746 –


Coordinator, Verizon STEM Land and Sea Program

Dean's Office

401.874.4976 –


Business Manager

Dean's Office

+1.401.874.5987 –


Assistant Business Manager

Dean's Office

+1.401.874.5386 –

Chuck Watson

Assistant Director, Diversity

Dean's Office

+1.401.874.4976 –

Alfred Speredelozzi

Computing Services Manager

Dean's Office

+1.401.874.5466 –

John Peterson

Lead Information Technologist

Dean's Office

+1.401.874.9189 –



Dean's Office

+1 401.874.9189 –

Department Chairs & Program Directors

Richard Brown

Chemical Engineering Department Chair

Administrative Assistant: Marilu Edwards

+1.401.874.2707 –

Mayray Gindy

Civil and Environmental Engineering Department Chair

Administrative Assistant: Kelly Johnson

401.874.5587 –

Godi Fischer

Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering Department Chair

Administrative Assistant: Meredith Leach

+1.401.874.2505 –


Mechanical, Industrial, and Systems Engineering Department Chair

Administrative Assistant: Jen Cerullo

401.874.2542 –

Chris Baxter

Ocean Engineering Department Chair

Administrative Assistant: Gail Paolino

+1.401.874.6139 –

Sigrid Berka

Executive Director

International Engineering Program (IEP)

+1.401.874.4700 –

Sally Marinelli, FSO

Facility Security Officer

+1.401.874.5467 –

Academic Advisors

Kristine Buss

College of Engineering Advisor and Liaison

Dean's Office / University College

+1.401.874.5890 –

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