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ISE LabWelcome to the place where you’ll learn to design the next-generation products and systems on which our society depends. Here we teach students to envision and implement the next big ideas in the automotive, defense, medical or energy industries, to name a few.

Our unique program provides hands-on experience with fully equipped laboratories and senior design capstone projects that let students to tackle a real engineering challenge at a local engineering company. We also place a heavy emphasis on internships and our students have gained valuable experience by working for esteemed engineering companies around the world.

Armed with this experience, our graduates go on to rewarding careers in almost every industry. They are inventors, CEOs, managers, consultants, designers and more. But regardless of their career, they are all on the forefront of engineering innovation.

Department Spotlights

Chengzhi Yuan

New Faculty: Chengzhi Yuan

Robots are frequently used to perform tasks faster and more efficiently than humans or to help keep humans out of harm’s way.

What if robots could also work in teams to accomplish more complicated jobs?


Yi Zheng

New Faculty: Yi Zheng

Solar energy, lung cancer prevention and water contamination may seem unrelated, but the research College of Engineering Assistant Professor Yi Zheng is conducting could lead to advances in all three areas.



New Faculty: Gretchen Macht

Gretchen Macht has had an appreciation for how much sustainability impacts the world around us for a long time.


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Think Big, We Do.
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