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The Mechanics of Materials ResearchLaboratory (MMRL) is part of the Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering in the College of Engineering at the University of Rhode Island. The laboratory was established in 1981 by Prof. Hamouda Ghonem with the mission of developing a better understanding of the role of microstructure in time-dependent deformation and damage mechanisms of engineering materials subjected to extreme temperature and environmental conditions.

Research work in the MMRL has investigated a wide range of materials including titanium alloys, nickel base superalloys, low carbon steel and titanium metal matrix composites. These materials are studied in relation to the effect of solid solution strengthening, microstructure, grain boundary morphology and precipitate diffusion, migration and coarsening on phenomena related to creep-fatigue-environment interactions  in metallic alloys as well as fiber/matrix interface mechanics and fiber debonding phenomenon in metal matrix composites. These computational and analytical studies are coupled with experimental programs encompassing fatigue and fatigue-creep crack growth, low cycle fatigue, creep and fiber push-out tests performed at temperatures up to 1500°C in air, vacuum and controlled gas environments. These tests are supported by heat treatment and scanning and transmission electron microscopy facilities.

The current research in the MMRL deals with the role of γ’ and grain boundary carbides in precipitate hardened and solid solution strengthened nickel based superalloys, partitioning elements in near-α titanium alloys and the role of grain size on the athermal flow stress of ultrafine grained low carbon steel. The MMRL has been supported by research grants sponsored by government and industrial agencies.

Please visit the Positions Available webpage to view current openings in the MMRL.

Professor Hamouda Ghonem
Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering
92 Upper College Road
101 Wales Hall
Kingston, RI 02881
Tel: 401.874.2909
Fax: 401.874.2925
Email: ghonem@uri.edu


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