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Yi Zheng, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Rhode Island

Primary Research Faculty, Undersea Energy Systems Program, National Institute for Undersea Vehicle Technology

Director, Micro and Nanoscale Energy Laboratory, University of Rhode Island

Office phone: +1 (401) 874-5184; Email: zheng@uri.edu; CV

Ph.D. Students

4Alok Ghanekar, Email: alokg@my.uri.edu I am a student from India. I have a bachelors and a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. My research interests include micro-scale heat transfer and fluid dynamics. Currently, I am working on the topic of near-field thermal radiation. My hobbies are reading mystery novels and sketching. I play Chess, and of course Cricket.

5Yanpei Tian, Email: yanpei_tian@my.uri.edu  I come from China. I have a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Harbin Engineering University.  My research interests include nanoscale heat transfer of nano-materials with experimental methods, especially, selective broadband and narrowband thermal emitter and its engineering application on solar thermophotovoltaics and radiative cooling. Apart from staying in the lab for the experiment, I like cooking and playing Ping-Pong.

Xiaojie Liu, email: xiaojie_liu@uri.edu  I am currently a student in the mechanical engineering department at the University of Rhode Island.  I hold a bachelor degree in China. My major research focus includes the wavelength selectivity solar thermal absorber/emitter and microfluidics.


Master Students

11Nicholas Bonatt, Email: nicholas_bonatt@my.uri.edu I am a mechanical engineering graduate student here at the University of Rhode Island. My undergraduate degrees are in physics and mathematics which have helped drive me to understand how everything works and can be applied. My research interests are in nanoscale energy and thermodynamics. I am originally from the Cape and in my free time, I am usually found out camping in the woods or indoors playing classic video games.

12Fabian Liebscher, Email: fabian.liebscher@googlemail.com I am an international exchange student from Germany participating in the International Engineering Programm (IEP) between the Technische Universität Braunschweig and the University of Rhode Island. My majors for my Masters Program are Mechanical Engineering and Industrial and Systems Engineering with a focus on manufacturing processes and micro/nanoscale technology in general. In my free time, I like to do almost every kind of sports, meeting my friends and traveling – preferably all at once.

13Laura Lin, Email: laura.m.lin@gmx.net I am an international exchange student from Germany taking part in the Dual Degree Master Program between the Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany and the University of Rhode Island. My majors are mechanical and industrial engineering. My research interests focus on energy-efficient products and technologies. I am very open-minded, that is why I like working with new people and getting to know new research fields. In my free time, I love traveling/sightseeing, watching movies and doing sports, like dancing or swimming.

14Nils Noermann, Email: n.noermann@tu-bs.de My name is Nils Noermann and I am an exchange student from Germany participating in the Dual Degree Master Program. My majors are mechanical and industrial engineering. I am interested in research regarding manufacturing and designing products for almost all business fields. I am open to meet new people and exchange ideas. Here at URI, I run the German Movie Night, where we watch German movies with English subtitles. During my year abroad I hope I can share some of my cultures and to get to know other cultures as well.

15Christian Mejia, Email: chrisc.mejia5490@gmail.com  My name is Christian Mejia and I am a graduate student at the University of Rhode Island. I recently graduated from URI as an undergrad in Mechanical and Ocean engineering with a minor in Nuclear engineering in May of 2014 and am graduating in May 2017. I am from Pawtucket Rhode Island, but originally from North Providence. My research interests are green energy and nanoscale thermodynamics. Some of my hobbies are weightlifting, hiking, dancing to Latin music, and hanging out with friends.

 16Joe Sullivan, Email: josephsullivan@my.uri.edu I am a chemical engineering graduate student and am taking part in the International Engineering Program (IEP) Dual Master’s program in conjunction with the Technische Universität Braunschweig.  During my time in the IEP so far, I’ve completed bachelor’s degrees in German and chemical engineering. I’m an active brother of Theta Tau, a professional engineering fraternity.  Currently, my research focused on creating more efficient carbon networks for silicon anodes in lithium-ion batteries.  In my free time, I study languages and politics.

17Vida Karimnia, Email: vida_karimnia@my.uri.edu   I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in Medical Physics at the University of Rhode Island. I got my bachelor’s degree at Shahid Beheshti University in Iran in Physics Major and chose to continue my education at Pittsburg State University in Physics. As I progressed through the coursework in my degree, I became interested in medical physics; I soon began to look for opportunities to involve myself in laboratory settings, in order to gain hands-on experience. I now am pursuing my second master’s degree in medical physics at the University of Rhode Island after graduating from PSU. I am also doing a research at Rhode Island Hospital. I have also just started to work at Professor Yi Zheng’s Lab in the mechanical engineering department. Outside of the classroom and laboratory, I enjoy outdoor activities, such as camping, and gardening, as well as other activities including reading, and traveling, I am also a huge fan of playing the piano.

18Haifeng Lyu, Email: haifeng@my.uri.edu. I am a student from China and enrolled in the master’s degree program for Biomedical and Electrical Engineering at the University of Rhode Island. My thesis focuses on the Multi-variables Control of Rolling Spider Drone. I am also working in the Dr. Zheng’s Micro/Nanoscale Energy Laboratory. My academic interests include Control System, Embedded System, and VLSI design. In my spare time, I enjoy doing sports like basketball and soccer.

19Nicholas Lemos, Email: nicholas_lemos@my.uri.edu   I am a student enrolled in the accelerated master’s degree program for mechanical engineering at the University of Rhode Island. I’m writing my master thesis on the elimination of the Hook Effect in microfluidic assays. I am also currently working for Doctor Zheng researching the development and optimization of Biological Photovoltaics. My academic interests include 3-D printing, mechatronics, solar energy, and nanomaterials.

20Jackie Wang. Email: jwang1@my.uri.edu I am a senior, studying mechanical engineering, and currently enrolling master degree in system engineering. My research interests are efficiency improvement of manufacturing and prototyping. I am also an excellent Solidworks and Minitab user, and my hobbies are model building and photographing.

Undergraduate Students

21David Kehoe, Email: kehoedl@my.uri.edu  I am a rising senior, studying Mechanical Engineering and French, and pursuing minors in Nuclear Engineering, and Mathematics. I am the web chair for the professional engineering fraternity, Theta Tau, the president of the surf club, and an active member for URI’s chapters in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the American Nuclear Society. In my spare time, I enjoy surfing, rock climbing, as well as doing web development. I aspire to enter the work-force after graduation, pursuing a position in research and development.

22Luke Lasorsa, Email: luke_lasorsa@my.uri.edu He is currently studying Mechanical Engineering and German. When not in labor class, he is an avid carpenter, a talented pool player, and a board member on URI’s Society of Mechanical Engineers. He aspires to positively contribute to the industry and is interested in Research and Development.spinning and nanofibers. I am also currently working for Doctor Zheng researching the development and optimization of Biological Photovoltaics. My academic interests include 3-D printing, mechatronics, solar energy, and nanomaterials.

 23Jared DeFanti, Email: jared_defanti@my.uri.edu My name is Jared DeFanti and I am a dual major in Mechanical Engineering and German. I am from Stonington, Connecticut and my hobbies include lifting and playing sports. I will be researching electrospinning and nanofibers.  I am also currently working for Doctor Zheng researching the development and optimization of Biological Photovoltaics. My academic interests include mechatronics and solar energy.

24Mikhail Hyde, Email: mhyde64@my.uri.edu  I was born and raised in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. I am currently enrolled as an Undergraduate Student studying Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics at The University of Rhode Island. My research interests vary greatly from mechanical applications of nanoscale technology to astronomical processes and phenomena. When I’m not working in the lab I like to spend my time making music, reading, working on my car, or getting lost in deep thought. I plan to attain a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering before I’m thirty-years-old and perhaps another Ph.D. in Physics once I reach my later years. My ultimate ambition is to teach and research.

25Jahnita DeMoranville, Email: Jahnita.DeMoranville@Maine.edu I am soon to be graduating (May-2017) Marine Biology major with a minor or child development and family relations at the University of Maine – Orono. I am from Rhode Island and I help obtain and culture different algal species in Yi Zheng’s lab. I also helped by answering any questions that came my way regarding the organisms, using my experience I’ve gained both in my studies at the University of Maine and internships over the summers to do so. I enjoy hiking, making and viewing art and theatre and working with a variety of organisms and hope to go into some type of biological research with sharks or cephalopods or study ecology once I graduate from the University.

26John Carlin, Email:john_carlin@my.uri.edu  I am a senior completing a degree in Mechanical Engineering and German through the International Engineering Program here at URI. Along with this, I have also completed a minor here at URI in Nuclear Engineering. My research here has included heat transfer rates for a new line of products from local Rhode Island CryoMax. My hobbies include playing almost any sport and traveling. I am currently spending the final year of my undergraduate studying in Braunschweig in Germany.

27Charbel Khattar, Email: charbelkhattar@my.uri.edu I am currently a junior at The University of Rhode Island, and I am majoring in mathematics. Along with my math courses, I have taken several biology and chemistry classes as I am following a pre-dental class. Assisting Professor Zheng by culturing the multiple species of algae was my first exposure to working with microorganisms in a laboratory. The knowledge that I have gained will be greatly beneficial for my future biology courses and research positions.

28Ian Millspaugh, Email: ian_millspaugh@my.uri.edu  I am currently a junior working towards a dual degree in mechanical engineering and German language via URI’s International Engineering Program. I am also assisting Dr. Zheng with his project on the emission and reflection spectra of micro-fabricated wafers. My research interests include nano-scale engineering, fluid mechanics and ferrofluids. Outside of my studies, I am involved in the Boy Scouts of America as an Eagle Scout and I like to give back to my community as a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters Ocean State.

29Jacob Gelinas, email: jacob_gelinas@my.uri.edu  I am a student here at the University of Rhode Island. I am a participant of the Spanish International Engineering Program and I study Spanish as well as Mechanical Engineering. I will be graduating in May 2017 with two Bachelor’s degrees. I love to learn and meet new people and my journey here at URI has taken me all over the world. I was an able study for a semester in Spain and later interned as an engineer in Chile. All of this experience has only driven me to learn more.

30Julian Andriulli, Email: andriullij13bhs@my.uri.edu  I am a Student at URI in the IEP program for Mechanical Engineering and Japanese with a minor in jazz piano. My academic interests are in language and the study of Thermodynamics and Heat transfer.  In my free time, I like to do almost every kind of sports, I enjoy doing sports like basketball and soccer. meeting my friends and traveling – preferably all at once.

Seth CamaraSeth Camara, Email: seth_camara@my.uri.edu  I am a junior studying Mechanical Engineering and Spanish as part of URI’s International Engineering Program. My current research mainly deals with the permeability of nano-fiber thin films. Additionally, I am president of the URI Track and Field Club and tutor Spanish at the Language Lab. Outside of my studies, I enjoy learning languages and love running. 


Jacob chase, email: jacob_chases@my.uri.edu  My name is Jacob Chase and I am an undergraduate senior at URI studying mechanical engineering and perusing a minor in math. I am originally from Pomfret Center, Connecticut but now currently live in Narragansett, Rhode Island. My research interests include nano-scale thermodynamics and related design method. I am extremely hands-on and mechanically inclined, so the lab is a great place for me. I am also proficient with industry with standard 3D modeling software, such as SolidWorks and Inventor. During my free time, I enjoy listening to music, cooking, working on my car and meeting new people.

Tristan Cain, Email: tristan_cain@my. uri.edu I am currently a senior studying Mechanical Engineering and pursuing a minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship. I am assisting in the spectrum analysis of solar/thermal radiation on nano-fiber thin films for the Micro and Nanoscale Energy Laboratory. My academic interests include mechatronics and solar engineering, and I am the president of URI’s International Mechanical Engineering Honor Society, Pi Tau Sigma. In my free time, I am either learning about space or designing and building with LEGO

I am a senior Mechanical Engineering and French student through the IEP. I completed my year abroad last august, and was a mechanical engineering intern for Federal-Mogul Systems Protection. My research with Dr. Zheng focuses on heat transfer rates for fluids with microparticles. In the future, I would like to do research on using Computation Fluid Dynamics to better predict heat transfer rates of objects immersed in fluids under both free and forced convection. When I have free time, I enjoy cooking, hiking, and traveling.

 Visiting Scholars

21Prof. Jun Ji, Email: junji@shmtu.edu.cn  I am a visiting scholar from China. My majors are thermal energy and power engineering. I got the Ph.D. degree in marine engineering from Shanghai Maritime University in 2010 and became an associate professor there in 2013. My research interests are marine refrigerated transport and energy saving, energy storage technology. Now I am carrying out some research on the principles and experiments of micro/nanoscale thermal transport. In my free time, I like traveling, doing sports, visiting friends and taking pictures.

33Prof. Juan Wang, Email: juan_wang@uri.edu. I am a visiting scholar from China. I come from the Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University, whose research is mainly about diagnoses and treatments of tumors. I’m a physician in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. I became an associate professor in 2009 and got the Ph.D. degree in obstetrics and gynecology from Hebei Medical University in 2016. My research interests are diagnoses and treatments of ovarian tumor. I am interested in Prof. Yi ‘s research direction which is about nanoscale biosensing of early non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) biomarkers. I want to develop a nanoscale biosensing application in other similar tumors. I appreciate his ideas of interdisciplinary research very much. In my free time, I like walking, traveling and doing sports.

sinong zhangSinong Zhang, Email: sinong_zhang@uri.edu  I am a visiting Ph.D. student from China and my major is biochemistry and molecular biology. I came to URI to participate in a program which is constructing a nano-biosensor that can be used to detect biomarkers of lung cancer. Now I am working in Prof. Yi Zheng’s lab to support experimental design and data analysis. In my free time, I like reading and traveling.



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