Proceedings of the ASEE NE 2016 Conference

April 28-30, 2016

University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island

Conference General Chair:
Dr. Bahram Nassersharif, University of Rhode Island

The ASEE NE 2016 was conducted in a number of tracks for faculty and professional papers, student papers, and student posters. The papers and poster abstracts are listed under the appropriate track where they were submitted and/or presented at the conference.  Only papers or posters that were presented are included in the proceedings of the conference.

The Program lists the details of the conference.

Curricular Design and Innovation
Chair:  Dr. Bahram Nassersharif, University of Rhode Island

Laboratory Development and Innovation
Chair: Dr. K. Wayne Lee, P.E., University of Rhode Island


Teaching and Learning Techniques and Pedagogy
Chair: Dr. Benjamin McPheron, Roger Williams University

Capstone Design
Chair: Dr. Bahram Nassersharif, University of Rhode Island

Undergraduate Research
Chair: Dr. Stephen Mecca, Providence College

Yilan Zhu and Andrew Fish , “Simulation Model on Chaotic Asynchronous Transmitter and Receiver”

Wesley C. Caruso, Kelsey M. Cintorino, and Benjamin D. McPheron, “A Procedure for Analyzing A Magnetic Levitation Toy”

Drew M. Canfield, Kristi M. Perreault, Joseph D. Legris, and Benjamin D. McPheron, “Translating a Digital Signal Modulation Synthesizer from LabVIEW to Simulink”

Graduate Research
Chair: Dr. Carl-Ernst Rousseau, P.E., University of Rhode Island

Assessment of Teaching and Learning
Chair: Dr. George Veyera, University of Rhode Island

Diversity in Engineering Education
Chair:  Mr. Charles Watson, University of Rhode Island

Best Practices for ABET Preparation and Review
Chair: Dr. Richard Vaccaro, University of Rhode Island

Online Engineering Education
Chair:  Dr. David Taggart, University of Rhode Island

Other Topics of General Interest in Engineering Education/Research
Chair:  Dr. Bahram Nassersharif, University of Rhode Island

Student Papers
Chairs: (Ugrad): Dr. Gretchen Macht, (Grad) Dr. Mayrai Gindy, University of Rhode Island

Matthew Bonanni, Peter Groen, Brian Liang, Owen Porth, Spencer Pozder, and Bala Maheswaran, “Renewable Energy Generation from Repetitive Human Activity: Proposal for a Door-Opening Based Electric Generator”

Abhinay S. Todmal, Syed Bilal Quadri, and Praneeth Narasimman, “Propose & Design an Automated Mechanical System for Capping and Water Level Measurement of Water Bottle”

Ajinkya Shah, Adhish Umranikar, and Anantha Priya Nettem, “Automated and High-Speed Mechanical System for Assembling of Two Plates in Automobile Industry”

Adhish Umranikar, Ajinkya Shah, and Anantha Priya Nettem , “Automated mechanical system for loading and feeding two machined plates for assembly and rotating by 90 ̊ in Automobile Industry”

Delson Faria Dasilva, Joao Almeida, and Joseph Shahbazian, “Neural Testing for User Interface Design of Project Resource Integration Gear

John C. Collins, Jordan E. Williams, Danielle M. Harrod, and Douglas E. Dow, “Monitoring Muscular Activity for Therapeutic Applications and Effectiveness to Encourage Patient Compliance”

Alison M. Siegmann, Michael F. Algieri, and Douglas E. Dow, “Smart Ice Prevention System to Improve Effectiveness and Reduce Energy Cost”

Tyler M. Boudrias, Nathaniel F. Schwartz, Yousef Hanna, and Douglas E. Dow, “Automated Pill Counter used to Fill Prescriptions by Pharmacists”

Hussain F. Alsaif, Mohammed A. Almaghrabi, and Douglas E. Dow, “Portable Smart Door Lock”

Katelyn S. Jobes, Marcus J. Bernier, Shawn L. Dryer, and Douglas E. Dow, “Arm Mounted Exoskeleton to Mechanically Assist Activities of Daily Living”

Zack McKinzie, Wasih Kamran, John Hobson, Dylan Renshaw, Kristen Billiar, and Geoffrey Pfeifer, “Sustaining Ethics Education in Engineering: A Blended Approach to Ethics Instruction”

Graduate Student Poster
Chair: Dr. Linda A. Riley,  University of New Haven

Graduate Poster Abstracts

Undergraduate Student Poster
Chair: Dr. Linda Riley, University of New Haven

Undergraduate Poster Abstracts