Welcome! Please join us for the 2016 ASEE Northeast Section Conference.

PrintThe Northeast Section of the American Society for Engineering
Education (ASEE-NE)  encompasses aeac30f1-18b6-4c79-a6ad-d0be4e4ba89e_170x171approximately 800 members from the U.S. and Canada, representing over 70 universities and colleges, including those from Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

This year, the ASEE-NE 2016 Conference will be held at the University of Rhode Island from Thursday, April 28th, to Saturday, April 30.   See program for more details (Program).

The theme will be “Revolutionizing Engineering Education.”

Bahram Nassersharif, Ph.D.
Conference Chair
Bahram Nassersharif, Ph.D. Conference Chair, ASEE Northeast Section 2016 Distinguished University Professor & Nuclear Engineering Program Coordinator Department of Mechanical, Industrial, and Systems Engineering University of Rhode Island  images


Student Poster Award Winners:

Graduate Student Poster Awards

1st Place
[Poster-G-366] Direct Write of Micro-Circuitry via Capillary Focusing
Ryan Mocadlo (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
2nd Place
[Poster-G-568] GPS Based Attitude Determination And Verification Using A Serial Robotic Arm
Kishore Thota, Almat Raskaliyev (University of Bridgeport)
3rd Place
[Poster-G-276] Low Cost, Portable Non-Invasive Blood Sugar Detection
Chandrasekhar Babu Kamineni, Abhishek Krishna (University of Bridgeport)
4th Place
[Poster-G-300] Energy-Efficient Dynamic Motion Control for Wheeled Mobile Robots Using Low Cost Resources
Abrar Alajlan, Khaled Elleithy, Marwah Almasri (University of Bridgeport)
Honorable Mention
[Poster-G-522] Design And Simulation Of Multiple Filament Extrusion System
Ibrahim Shehadeh (University of Bridgeport)
Honorable Mention
[Poster-G-442] Chirality based separation of Carbon nanotubes by analyzing the specific interaction with the AMB-1 flagellin derived tri-peptide
Shrishti Sing, Isaac Macwan, Prabir Patra (University of Bridgeport)
Honorable Mention
[Poster-G-288] Plastic to fuel conversion kit
Soumya Jahagirdar, Aashish Kulkarni, Manasa Bhaskarayuni, NormanTremblay (Fairfield University)
Honorable Mention
[Poster-G-280] Low-cost Infant-Incubator for the Developing World.
Arwa Balobaid, Praveena Mareedu, Ramya Sripati (Fairfield University)
Honorable Mention
[Poster-G-435] Bioprinting Using Dual Injection Multi-Dimensional Embedding Of Hydrogels
Steven Falzerano, Amer Khamaiseh (University of Bridgeport)
Honorable Mention
[Poster-G-369] Epilepsy Seizure Detection Using EEG Signals
Zakareya Lasefr, Raghavendra Sai Shiva Ayyalasomayajula Venkata, Khaled Elleithy (University of Bridgeport)

Undergraduate Student Poster Awards


1st Place
[Poster-UG-573] Active and Passive Noise Cancellation Applied to an Ordinary Household Appliance
Christopher Calitri, Michael LoTurco, Vincenzo Moretti, and Tony Phantharangsy, Dr. Jeffrey Denenberg (Fairfield University)
2nd Place
[Poster-UG-224] On-Site Development and Implementation of an Eye Tracking System to Provide Users with Locked-In Syndrome a Means for Communication and Interaction with their Environment
Jennifer C. Fremd, Andrew Joseph Peccerillo, Mary Phillips (Quinnipiac University)
3rd Place
[Poster-UG-203] Fort Adams Structural Analysis And Design
William Peregoy, Emily Carrier, Zachary Wasp, Juan Quintero, Andrew J. Amarone (Roger Williams University)
4th Place
[Poster-UG-238] Design of a Portable Perfusion Test Simulator
Keegan Etter, Wesley Breisch, Jonathan Gelfuso, Michael Podias, B. Grant Crawford, Stefan Christov (Quinnipiac University)
Honorable Mention
[Poster-UG-245] Inflatable Cervical O-Ring for Treatment of an Incompetent Cervix
Jennifer C Fremd, Kathleen Carroll, Christina Benak, Mary Phillips, Norman Gray (Quinnipiac University)
Honorable Mention
[Poster-UG-580] Connecting People to Adequate Water Supply
Sarah Link, Scott Booth, DylanBoyle, JuanHernandez, Samantha Russ, Janet Baldwin (Roger Williams University)
Honorable Mention
[Poster-UG-355] A Redesign of the Dingman Mouth Gag Retractor
Danielle Torchia, Nicolette LaPierre, Judy Cezeaux, Philip Stoddard (Western New England University)
Honorable Mention
[Poster-UG-326] Novel Intravenous Cannulated System To Minimize Physical And Psychological Discomfort During Blood Draw
Jessica Ann Konkol, Joseph Legris, Timothy McMahon, Brendan Surette (Roger Williams University)
Honorable Mention
[Poster-UG-503] U.S. Coast Guard Sector San Francisco Sanitary Sewer Analysis and Design
John W Keiffer, Holden Takahashi, Thomas Porzillo, Christian Lee (U.S. Coast Guard Academy)
Honorable Mention
[Poster-UG-457] The Design and Construction of a Low-Speed Closed-Return Wind Tunnel with Modular Sections
Michael Albert Choiniere, Marrissa Caskin, Jordan Hall (University of Maine)